Water Leak Behind a Wall

Sinks, toilets, and showers are necessities in your home but can drive a homeowner crazy if there is anything wrong. Leaks are serious and should be attended to right away. Even if the leak doesn’t look serious. Here are 4 signs you may have a leak behind a wall.

Watch the Walls

Look at your walls to see if any paint or wall paper is peeling, dark spots, or moisture leaking through the surface of the wall. If you see anything that is unusual it is important to take action and call your Greenville plumber immediately. Water leaks behind the wall can soak into your drywall and cause problems for the structural health of your home.

Check the Ceiling

We can often forget to look up. A leaky pipe can turn into a larger problem if not dealt with quickly. You should watch for water staining (spots, rings stripes), visible sagging or buckling from the ceiling, or water dripping from the ceiling. 

Trust Your Nose

Are you are smelling a musty scent somewhere in the home and can’t get rid of it? This can be a sign that there is a water leak behind a wall causing this musty odor. Using a professional leak detection will help find the location of the leak and narrow it down. 

Big Bills

if you notice a peak in your water bills this can also be a sign of a leak. If it is much higher call a plumber to check it out and save yourself on damage in the end. Ignoring this sign can be a difference between a small repair and an emergency plumbing repair.

Don’t tackle this water leak alone. Premier Plumbing is here to help you however possible to keep your home safe and sound, and leak free. Reach out to us online or by calling 864-444-6570 if you suspect a water leak behind a wall.

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